Dior Beauty's creative director looked to L.A. to inspire the brand's new, bold lip colors

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As creative and image director for Dior Beauty, Peter Philips has a long list of duties:  He creates the looks for the historic Parisian house’s runway, works on countless editorials and, of course, is responsible for creating new products for the French luxury brand.

However, in all these pursuits,...

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“It’s a pressure cooker,” Barton says. “The pressure cooker, it locks in the juices. Even though it’s still deep-fried, it’s juicy and moist but that greasy feeling isn’t there. It’s so good.”
An enchanting city in western Ukraine, Lviv has gained a pleasant reputation for its rugged, Habsburg-era beauty and vibrant cafe scene. More recently, however, it has become known for something entir
Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson has teamed up with Asda [Wenn] And it's been dubbed a somewhat odd collaboration for the Made in Chelsea star. Louise Thompson, who is usually seen either showin
Ukraine has launched an investigation into the death of an American working for the European security watchdog OSCE, whose vehicle hit a landmine in the country’s conflict-hit east, the general
Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry cheered on thousands of London marathon runners from the sidelines of the race on Sunday. (April 23)            
Some unknown threw a smoke pellet on the road near the Lithuanian Embassy in Kyiv on April 24. This was reported by the press service of the metropolitan National Police. Read more here. The post 112.
I remember the day perfectly. My then-partner and I were standing in the living room of his condo staring at two bulbous sofas - one his, one mine, neither of which matched in the slightest. We'd been
Dear Amy: I'm a woman working for a software startup. We are all millennials. I really enjoy my job, except for this: Picture a group of (mostly male) software developers shooting Nerf guns at each ot
Megan McKenna, who has her own clothing line with Miss Pap, is known for her style [Megan McKenna/Instagram] Whether it's her latest fiery feud on The Only Way Is Essex, or Megan McKenna's im
Ferne McCann has confirmed she is pregnant with her first baby [Wenn] Former The Only Way Is Essex star Ferne McCann has confirmed she is pregnant with her first baby with ex-boyfriend Arthur Coll
Ferne McCann is pregnant with her first child[Wenn] The former TOWIE star has kept a low profile since it emerged her ex Arthur was wanted over the acid attack at Mangle nightclub in East London.
Exclusive: The 'Project Runway Junior' judge pushes back on bullying in an excerpt from her new book.             
Burt Reynolds makes a rare public appearance for Tribeca Film Festival premiere of his latest movie, "Dog Years." (April 24)             
MOSCOW – Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, called on April 24 for an investigation to be conducted into the death of an American paramedic killed in eastern Ukraine on Apri
Amber Dowding returned to TOWIE on Sunday night without any makeup [ITVBe] Following John Clark’s brother’s VERY recent split from Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson, The Only Way Is Essex fans jumped
Countries in Central Europe showed the largest relative increases in military spending in 2016, at least partially as a result of the perceived increased threat from Russia, a new study says. Read mor
SCM Group owner Rinat Akhmetov remains the richest Ukrainian in 2016 according to the Focus magazine, with fortune of $2.2 billion. According to the list, co-owners of the Privat Bank Ihor Kolomoisky
Stephanie Davis flashed her nipples as she flaunted her post-baby body in a very steamy selfie [Stephanie Davis/Instagram] The Celebrity Big Brother star has been open recently about how much sh
Stress-reduction techniques, such as breathing exercises or muscle contraction, during the placement, may help             
Hi Carolyn: My daughter, 7, has a “best” friend who can frequently be mean to her, tell her she won’t play with her, ask for money to be nice to her, pretend to kick her in the face, etc.   
Alicia Burke is on a roll. The Pulse model beauty recently landed her second advertising campaign for Ralph Lauren, lensed by go-to fashion elite photog Steven Meisel, which is now appearing in black-
Celebrating the holiest of unions, perfectly coinciding with the holy season, Zico Barnett officially took Anya McLaren off the market, as the two said ‘I do’ last Easter Sunday in a beaut
MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - Toy shops are thriving in eastern Mosul, with Iraqi children once again able to buy dolls, teddy bears or action figures after Islamic State was driven out of the area.
Caitlyn Jenner may have helped elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, but she no longer supports some of his policies.             
Geena Davis is to reunite with the cast of 'A League of Their Own' to play a softball game to celebrate the movie's 25th anniversary.             
Lady Gaga touched scores of hearts with a beautiful and somber moment during her headlining set at the 2017 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on Saturday.           &
James Cameron has just announced on Saturday that dates have been set for the release of the next four "Avatar" sequels, and they all seem to be placed right around the big December holiday movie rush
A sequel to the Deadpool is in the works, and an official release date for the flick has been confirmed.             
Former Fox News mega-host Bill O'Reilly is not skipping a beat after being 'let go' from the network. Loyal followers can hear from him on his Monday podcast.           &nbs
56-year-old Erin Moran, who was best known as 'Joanie' from 'Happy Days, has passed away in Harrison County, Indiana.             
A fairly good spring chinook return is predicted for the Snake River that will provide a sport fishing season to occur on some sections of this pristine eastern Washington stream. Since the fish are
Laura Dowling’s new book is “Floral Diplomacy at the White House,” which contains a number of juicy details about decorating drama at her former place of employment, along with anecdotes about flower
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Wearing safety goggles and glancing at his watch, Tony Gwynn Jr. waits for the right moment to add hops to a kettle of boiling water and malted barley as he tweaks his craft beer rec
“The Ukrainian members of the JCCC (Joint Centre for Control and Coordination) have reported that a car belonging to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission was blown up when it hit probably a land

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