What Are Important Safety Items for Welding and Safety?

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08/24/2023 – Bangor, PA: Welding and brazing can be very dangerous if you do not have proper safety gear. It is helpful to know exactly what you should be wearing in order to protect yourself. Here are the most important safety items you should always wear when participating in these activities.

  1. Safety glasses – Welding and brazing glasses protect your eyes from projectiles, sparks, and ultraviolet light. It is recommended that you wear glasses even when wearing a shielded helmet. Welding arcs are extremely intense and can cause burning to the eyes with only a few moments of exposure.
  2. Clothing – Because burns are the most common injury, it is recommended to wear fire resistant clothing. Make sure all skin is covered, leaving no areas bare or exposed.
  3. Shoes – Leather boots are optimal. They should have 6 to 8 inch ankle coverage. Boots with a steel toe and covers over the laces offer extra protection.
  4. Gloves – Flame-resistant gloves, often made of leather, should be worn to protect the hands. They should also cover the wrists. Gloves protect these areas from burns, cuts, and scratches.
  5. Helmet and arc ray – Radiation from welding and brazing can cause retinal burning and cataracts. External pain and swelling can also be experienced due to exposure to this radiation. Sometimes the damage is not even apparent until several hours after exposure. It is not safe to weld without a helmet even for brief periods of time. Eyes can be injured with minimal exposure. When choosing a filter, make sure to stay within the recommended minimal limits.
  6. Ear protection – Earmuffs will protect your ears from metal sparks and particles. They will protect the external portion of your ear as well as the ear canal. Earplugs will protect the ear canal. Both can safeguard your hearing from the excessive noise produced. Exposure to noise over 85 db for several hours is considered hazardous to your hearing. If you are in an environment where it is so loud that you cannot hear others speak at a normal level, you should likely be wearing ear protection.

Safety is crucial in welding and brazing. Make sure to have the proper safety gear in place.

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